Aiki Meme: I’ll Choose Honesty Over Dishonesty Every Single Time

In aikido, you’ll find aiki people and they’re a joy.  But then you always have the non-aiki… the people that just don’t get it and never will, the ones driven by ego and dishonesty because of poor character.  Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Aiki Meme: You Are Free To Choose, But You Are Not Free From The Consequence Of Your choice


Behaving egotistically or dishonestly is non-aiki, and is not okay.  Aikido (all the real masters say it if you actually read them) and aiki are all about character, which isn’t a convenience thing, that you just discard when it’s not convenient.  You can’t suspend ‘aiki’ to behave dishonestly, then resume being ‘aiki’.  You haven’t resumed being aiki if it’s convenient to be non-aiki sometimes.  You simply have a poor character and never had any aiki to begin with.  That’s the consequence of poor choices when it comes to aiki.


Aiki Meme: Be Scrupulously Honest…

Integrity is aiki.  Aiki is integrity.  Without integrity you have no aiki.  Without aiki you’re not doing aikido.  Those who practice aikido with ego and dishonesty aren’t doing aikido. They’re exercising.