Aiki Meme: Intuition Is Real. Vibes Are Real. Energy Doesn’t Lie. Tune In.

Knowing a few ki tricks in aikido doesn’t mean you understand this, and doesn’t mean you understand aiki.  There’s many senior aikidoka that know a few ki tricks and do an aikido which looks technically right, but they don’t seem to understand aiki at all.  They’re not doing aikido.  If you read the real masters, in aikido and other martial arts, they all concentrate on the aiki, not the technicalities.

Aikido Observation: There Are Some People Who Always Seem Angry And Continuously Look For Conflict. Walk Away; The Battle Isn’t With You, It Is With Themselves


Unfortunately, there’s more conflicted people than you would expect doing aikido.  Some find a peace by doing the art, but many just keep generating conflict and negativity.  It’s a poor character thing, and a lack of understanding of aiki.  Walk away from the worst ones.  They won’t change.